rDr4g0n John Matos Resume DL
Hey! I am a Principal Frontend Engineer and Architect with 13+ years of experience surviving (and thriving in) the wild west of web front end. I love working with product, design, and end users to figure out exactly what is needed, plan it, build it, get it out there, measure, learn and improve. I'm also passionate about providing a great developer experience along the way, ensuring devs follow best practices by making them easy to follow!

Here are a few of the things I bring

Love for the Front End

Consider me an ambassador of the front end and your liaison to the DOM.

Modern JavaScript

The latest in the JavaScript language, frameworks, tooling, and more.

Clean, Maintainable Code

Documented and built on common patterns and best practices.

Idea to Implementation

From UX design and behavior to planning and code to delivery (and back 'round again).

Initiative and Ownership

Passion for quality UI drives me to identify problems and own the solution.

Cross-team Collaboration

Don't leave unexpected solutions on the cutting room floor!

These are *some* of my skills


  • Modern JavaScript, CSS (and preprocessors), and boring ol HTML
  • Web Browser APIs, dev tools, and perf profiling
  • Component-based, state-driven, declarative UI frameworks (vue.js, et al)
  • Data visualization with SVG and d3
  • Webpack, babel, eslint
  • Unit, integration, E2E testing (including BDD)
  • CI/CD with everyone's good friend Jenkins
  • Developing middle tier APIs (I love GraphQL)
  • Linux, vim, make, bash, docker, git
  • AWS CloudFront, S3, ECS, ECR, Route53, CloudWatch, and more!

Visual Design

  • Graphic design with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Animation and interaction design with Flash [deprecated lol]
  • General layout and design principles

Planning and Collaboration

  • Collaboration across product, design, and engineering
  • User-centered design thinking
  • Planning for incremental delivery (Agile/Scrum)
  • Rapid prototyping and communication with wireframes

This is my work experience


Frontend Architect
May 2021 - Present
  • Established a UI build, release, and bootstrap process, enabling QA to test arbitrary UI versions, and generally making releases more predictable and less scary
  • Spearheaded a major new UI feature from initial UX research and interviews to UI and API design and through multiple releases and user feedback. The process established here has set the bar for user-centered thinking for all new user-facing features
  • Introduced GraphQL as a middle tier, established the initial schema, and mentored on GraphQL best practices. A huge win here is that the API is more representative of the user’s mental model, but no changes were needed to the underlying data. I love GraphQL :)
  • Reduced costs for a massively scaled (and critical!) images api by balancing bytes served at the expense of CPU
  • Daily involvement with a whole host of AWS services like CloudFront, S3, ECS, ECR, EC2, Route53, Cloudwatch, and many others
  • Established (and evangelized!) E2E testing strategy

Staff Frontend Engineer,
UI Architect
February 2020 - April 2021
  • Architected, developed, lead a team, and deployed a micro front end loading platform for an existing monolithic UI application. Aside from developing the browser application, this included a large amount of deployment work involving AWS, Jenkins, spinnaker, helm, and Kubernetes.
  • Defined and developed an incremental migration path from the existing large web application UI to individual micro frontends. This was a huge success as we effectively replaced the foundation of our entire UI without affecting any of the (many) UI developers' day to day!

Senior Software Engineer
August 2014 - February 2020
  • Architected, planned, and developed the UI platform for the next evolution of Zenoss’s core product: Zenoss Cloud ( This included selection of UI frameworks, libraries, test frameworks, build tools, reusable component library, and broader concerns such as scalability and security.
  • Scoped, estimated, and planned implementation of UI features, balancing product, user, and technology requirements, ensuring that the resulting features fit neatly within the UI platform
  • Worked closely with product stakeholders to wireframe and prototype new features and ensure they align well with the broader UI architecture
  • Worked closely with back end engineers to design (and frequently implemented) GraphQL schemas which properly model the domain and providing maximum flexibility for queries
  • Mentored fellow engineers (some remote) through white boarding, conversation, and code review, often demonstrating the correct way to “cut with the grain” of a new library
  • Developed a variety of data visualization components using D3 and SVG
  • Designed and developed a number of one-off SPAs, with minimal oversight, and occasionally implemented backend services as needed
  • Served as an expert in web application development tools, libraries, frameworks, and best practices
  • Brought my passion for user-centered design thinking to just about every conversation, ensuring the end user encounters as little friction as possible

IoT, C Developer
Personal Project
  • Developed a C lib for layered, keyframed, bitmap animation for use on the esp8266
  • Made use of the esp8266 wifi hardware to implement a binary message protocol over tcp
  • Wrote a nodejs tool to interface with the phoxlight binary message protocol

Front End Developer
April 2013 - April 2014
  • Developed the JS client for a mobile application testing harness
  • Developed a nodejs server for connecting clients and proxying test automation commands
  • Used browser dev tools for debugging, performance profiling, and leak finding
  • Learned about both object oriented and functional programming paradigms
Halifax Media Group

Print/Digital Ad Designer,
Front End Developer
October 2008 - April 2013
  • Created print and digital ads using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Learned Flash and ActionScript, and designed and developed a large number of Flash ads
  • Took initiative in translating unique sales rep requests into new ad formats, producing new opportunities for revenue
  • Developed a new data driven ad type, enabling sales of ads which reflect customer inventory in real time
  • Designed and lead development of an order management SPA, reducing errors, and speeding up ad delivery